The ultimate sport experience wherever you are!

Releaze aggregates live data/content around sport and presents this in really cool marketing tools for brands, media and bookmakers.  We create fun, excitement and engagement by delivering the ultimate sport experience for sports fans through cross platform & mobile.  The end result is best in class responsive html and native apps.  We receive advanced data and create features and functions on the front end.  Our solutions, all of which have been developed as robust tools, drive revenue and create advertising inventory and opportunity for our clients who develop, partner, sponsor and advertise with Releaze.  The result is measurable digital impact through social media and cross-digital platforms. We create downloads, massive traffic, loyalty and new revenue. We also store user data allowing us to gain more insight on users, this presents an opportunity to act on this data offering better campaign opportunities and analytics.


Media & Television: News, live score and a soccer prediction game


Media & Television: 2nd screen live prediction game


Media & Television: Cycling news, live score & Live multi user Quiz concept


Bookmakers: News, live score and social betting community